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SEO is one of those acronyms that instills confusion into the hearts of the uninformed. This fear could lead to a variety of costly circumstances, however, here are some tips to alleviate some potential stresses: 1) Find the Right SEO Firm 2) Take Advantage of Free SEO Tools 3) Content is King Stop running around in circles with your SEO, and start determining fact from fiction. The following techniques will...

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All healthcare clinics are concerned about getting on the first-page of Google. Let’s look at one of the most cost-effective and timely ways to boost your Google rankings online. History of Google Adwords Everybody loves a good origins story. Google blessed us with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of their Adwords development in the beginning of the millennium. Then the surge of small clinics began to open up...

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What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is a marketing technique that is comprised of two versions of a website (A and B) with the primary purpose being to determine which website has a more impactful user experience. This information is important because it tells the tester which changes they should make to maximize the attention of their viewership. Acknowledge the Potential Problem(s) Where to start? You’ve just come...

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Your goal, as a healthcare clinic owner, is to find or create opportunities to better your practice. This should begin with the first impression your patients have of you, which 9 out of 10 times will begin with an information search on your website. Here are some need-to-know tips on how to convert transactional users on your website. 1) Intuitive and Basic Site Layout Your website is...

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1) Consult Review Website The transparency of review sites can have both positive and negative effects on your healthcare clinic. For example, this type of online exposure makes it easier for competitors to post “reviews” about your service. This is quite common in very competitive industries, but if you, as a business owner, can prove that the reviews were made with malice from a competitor, then...

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Twitter has become an indispensable social media marketing tool today; it is, often, the face and voice of your company. Almost every company has a twitter account that they use to reach out to followers, but most of them are tweeting for the sake of tweeting; here are 5 tips which will help your company thrive on twitter!

“I’m going to the dentist today.” Such a sentence, in today’s society, is invariably met with sounds of sympathy and perhaps even a few groans. This, coupled with the pervading social attitude of “toughing it out” can make it hard to find customers for your healthcare clinic, and even harder to retain them. However, with this one simple trick, you can guarantee an improvement in customer retention and loyalty:

Calls to Actions are an important aspect of today’s websites whether they are in the form of a button, a banner or some other type of graphic or text; they are essential if one wants to convert web traffic into customers. However, many websites are not using Calls to Action to their full potential today. Here are 10 tips to help get that extra bit of conversion out of your CTA’s:

I already use Google Analytics! You say, but many of us who use Google Analytics are guilty of only scratching the surface of this wonderful tool. When you take a look at your analytics, you are probably only looking at your overall traffic and other colorful graphs and end up with no insights as to how to improve your website. Here is a list of things you could do to change that:

At Connect the Doc, we are very fortunate to have our in-house marketing expert, Nasheel Kassam. A graduate from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Marketing and a Minor in Communication, Nasheel went on to manage several healthcare clinics and have helped each clinic’s bottom line grow by an average of 20%. Here is an excerpt from Nasheel’s Healthcare Marketing Guide for growing your business:

Social Shopping is a relatively new form of marketing to generate a guaranteed quick influx of new customers without an upfront investment. Sites include: Groupon, Living Social, Go Low Deals, SwarmJam, Daily Deal and the list goes on… Here is how these sites operate. A business (like your clinic) provides the deal site (like Groupon) with a discounted product or service (50% or more) for the deal site to sell. With “collective buying,” your business is able to set the number of vouchers that must be purchased before the deal is activated.

Once that number is reached, the deal is on and you receive 50% of the sales made. For example if you offer a $100 service for $50 on Groupon, your businesses takes $25 and the website who markets the deal to their subscription list also takes $25. You can set your buying minimum at lets say 100 people, which guarantees your business $2500 and an introduction to 100 new clients. It sounds expensive, but how many dollars do you spend on marketing to bring 100 new patients through the door?

A combination of different factors will effect a consumers decision: location, availability, reviews, recommendation etc. Because reviews play a big role in the decision process, it is important that all of the practitioners at your clinic are well reviewed in different places online. The three most common places for a patient to read reviews is on Ratemds.com, Google Pages, Yelp.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to market your clinic without spending any money. It is a great way to provide customer service and feedback, drive traffic to important pages of your website, share new content, and build a community in a digital space that encourages sharing. Social media is the most transitive type of communication. There are thousands of different social media sites out there. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are probably going to be the most important social sites for your clinics.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a form of marketing that helps your site get placed at the top of the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO is important because it drives new people to your site. When someone is looking for a healthcare professional they will often visit Google and type something like “physiotherapist Vancouver” and a list of results will be displayed. The clinics that are at the top of that list have undergone several SEO campaigns. It is estimated that the first 5 links are clicked 90% of the time. If the searcher has not found what they are looking for (you) on the first page, they often change the words they are searching (ex. From “physiotherapist Vancouver” to “Physiotherapist downtown Vancouver”)

Your website is the most important online marketing tool to acquire new patients. It is the first place a prospective patient will look to learn more about your clinic. With only 11% of people looking in the yellow pages to find healthcare professionals, it is essential that you have a website that looks professional and functions well.

Your website should be a reflection of the quality of your clinic. Consider having a new website designed or re- vamping your current site to include our 10 tips for a successful website.  If your marketing budget is not able to accommodate the costs of developing a website, you can purchase a domain and have it redirected to your

10 Tips to Creating the Perfect Website

1. Brand Consistency

Portray your clinic’s brand throughout your website. Try to keep your colours and style similar to your print material and office look.

Budgeting your marketing efforts is extremely important. There are different theories on how a budget should be established. You can break down the balance sheet from your previous fiscal year and use a percentage of your retained earnings. Or, you can budget a percentage of each sale to go towards your marketing.

Understanding patient acquisition costs of a new patient comes down to the numbers. Basically, you need to figure out what the average value of a new patient is to you clinic over their lifetime. Once you figure this out, (provided you are not already fully booked everyday) you can figure out the maximum amount you should spend for each new patient acquisition. With this in mind, it is important to analyze the cost of each marketing campaign and its overall success based on the number of new patients enrolled and their cost per acquisition. After trying multiple marketing campaigns, using different channels and messaging you will learn which types of communication are most effective and have the highest ROI.

A consumer goes through a variety of steps when making a decision. The consumer decision process is both conscious and subconscious.

1. Need Recognition – The consumer identifies a problem – Ex. My back hurts

2. Information Search – The consumer searches and finds different solutions to their problem – Ex. RMT’s and Chiropractors help people with back pain. I am going to try seeing a Chiropractor

It is important to define and segment your specific patient demographics to better concentrate your marketing focus. Let’s look at your current patients who are your ‘regulars.’ What are some of their characteristics?

Think about their age, income, education, gender, ethnicity, etc. From the visuals in your print collateral to the messaging on your website, all of your marketing efforts should cater to your specific target demographics.